Working together, we can make reaching your goals an enjoyable and worthwhile investment that will pay dividends for the rest of your life.

Bethel Bradford

My name is Bethel Bradford and I have been involved in sports, health and fitness my entire life.  I was involved in sports as both a High School and College Athlete, and allowed my passion to guide my choices in choosing my career.  I’ve always enjoyed a very active and healthy lifestyle, including road cycling, mountain biking, softball, football, snowboarding, weight lifting, hiking, etc. But not only do I love being active, I felt I had a responsibility to live the life I’m encouraging others to adopt. 

I’ve always said that I was one of the lucky ones….what I love doing actually helps keep me strong and healthy. My personal commitment to a regular fitness plan has allowed me to enjoy an active and adventurous lifestyle — one I plan to continue for decades to come — and precisely what I wish to share with my clients.


  • B.S. and M.Ed. in Health, Fitness and Education

  • 25 years working in the Health and Fitness Industry

  • 10+ years working with Physical Therapy and Post-Physical Therapy patients

  • Worked with various college and high-level athletes

  • Trained all types of individuals – but specialized in post-rehab recovery and fitness

  • Managed a University based fitness center

Testimonials and Recommendations

“In my experience, Bethel is a proven winner.  I cannot think of anyone I’d rather work beside than Bethel.  I offer my most persuasive recommendation for Bethel Bradford.  I suspect she can fulfill any need you may have.”

Mark Noble

“I can’t thank you enough for the help you have given me. After the complications I had from my knee surgery and three months of Dr. ordered therapy I did not think I was ever going to be able to walk without pain or even ride my bicycle without some kind of knee pain again. It was difficult to hear from the therapist I was referred to that the goal was to get me back to 80% of an average male of my age. It amazed me that the first day you saw me and took a look at my knee/leg and compared it to my good knee/leg you knew exactly what course I needed to take to get my quads working again and therefore my knee stable. I am back to riding my bicycle and happy to be able to do other activities that I couldn’t do before coming to you. I know now not all trainers are created equal.”

Chad Stutts

"I hired Bethel Bradford a few years ago after I had a really bad crash training for the Masters national championship in cycling. I had broken 4 ribs,  punctured my lung, broke my clavicle and the shoulder blade! She was absolutely amazing and helped me come back stronger and better than before. Even saving me from surgery. Her expertise goes way beyond just weight training. She helped me go to another level. Her professionalism, focus, dedication, and intelligence is exactly what I needed and I am forever grateful. I could go on and on. Beyond all of that, she is an amazing person and I’m proud to call her a friend."

Ryan Jones